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Karam PN-351Forked-Lanyard-with-Energy-Absorber



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Product Details

Key Features

Forked lanyards come in twisted ropes, kernmantle ropes and in 44mm wide Polyester webbing. These lanyards offer the facility to move in all directions while remaining safely anchored at all times


Provides fall protection: The primary purpose of a forked lanyard with an energy absorber is to provide fall protection for workers who are working at height. The energy absorber is designed to absorb the energy generated during a fall, reducing the risk of injury.

Forked design for mobility: The forked design of the lanyard allows workers to move around more freely while still being safely connected to an anchor point. This is particularly useful in situations where workers need to move between different work areas or work in tight spaces.

Anchor point attachment: The lanyard consists of two arms or legs, each with a snap hook at the end for attaching to an anchor point. The anchor point should be strong enough to support the weight of the worker and the force of a fall.

Suitable for various industries: Forked lanyards with energy absorbers are widely used in construction, industrial, and maintenance settings where workers are at risk of falling from height. They are suitable for a range of tasks, including roofing, painting, and window cleaning.

Regular inspection and maintenance: It is important to inspect and maintain the forked lanyard and energy absorber regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and functioning correctly. Any signs of damage or wear should be addressed promptly to maintain worker safety. do in one liner.

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Fall Protection

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